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The following Application Agreement will be signed by all applicants prior to signing a lease contract. While some of the information below may not yet be applicable to your situation, there are some provisions that may become applicable prior to signing a lease contract. In order to continue with this online application, you'll need to review the Application Agreement carefully and acknowledge that you accept its terms.


 1. Lease Contract Information. The Lease Contract contemplated by the parties is available to all applicants by request.

 2. Application Fee (nonrefundable). You have delivered to our representative an application fee in the amount indicated below, and this payment partially defrays the cost of administrative paperwork. Application fee is nonrefundable.

 3. If You Fail to Sign Lease Contract After Approval. Unless we authorize otherwise in writing, you and all co-applicants must sign the Lease Contract within 3 days after we give you our approval in person, by telephone or by email. If you or any co-applicant fails to sign as required, we may terminate all further obligations under this Agreement.

 4. If You Withdraw Before Approval. You and any co-applicant may withdraw your application. If you or any co-applicant withdraws an Application or notifies us that you've changed your mind about renting the dwelling unit, the parties will then have no further obligation to each other.

 5. Completed Application. An Application will not be considered "completed" and will not be processed until all of the following have been provided to us: a separate Application has been fully filled out and signed by you and each co-applicant; an application fee has been paid to us; a copy of your photo ID and income verification paperwork has been submitted.

 6. Approval. We will notify you whether you've been approved within 10 days after the date we receive a completed Application. Notification may be in person, by e-mail, or telephone. You must not assume approval until you receive actual notice of approval. Your Application will be considered "disapproved" if we fail to notify you of your approval within 10 days after we have received a completed Application. 

 7. Extension of Deadlines. If the deadline for signing or approving under paragraphs 3 or 6 falls on a Sunday or a state or federal holiday, the deadline will be extended to the end of the next business day.

 8. Notice to or from Co-applicants. Any notice we give you or your co-applicant is considered notice to all co-applicants; and any notice from you or your co-applicant is considered notice from all co-applicants.

 9. Keys or Access Devices. We'll furnish keys and/or access devices only after: (1) all parties have signed the contemplated Lease Contract and other rental documents referred to in the Lease Contract; and (2) all applicable rents and security deposits have been paid in full.

 10. Signature. Our reception of this application is consent only to this Application Agreement. It does not bind us to accept applicant or to sign the proposed Lease Contract.





Criteria for Application Approval and Rental Policies:


Keller Williams Property Management is the exclusive agent and representative of the property owner and does not, in any respect, have any fiduciary or agency responsibilities to the applicant. All federal, state, and local laws are followed and each application is processed without regard to the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of applicant. Our Staff of professionals are regularly trained and educated on the latest local, state and federal statutes pertaining to rental regulations. We proudly comply with all Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Statues. 
If you need extra time due to disability or language issues, call Jim Warren at 206 909 9563 for instructions. 


All persons over the age of 18 who will be living in the rental property must submit an application and must meet the following criteria:

1. Application Fee - A $20 application fee must be paid for each individual application. Any application for which this fee has not been paid will not be considered complete and will not be accepted. This fee is non-refundable even if the application is not accepted or approved based on other criteria.

2. Valid Photo ID - All applicants must deliver a current, valid photo ID to the Agent before the application can be considered for approval.

3. All applicants must have viewed the property during a scheduled appointment with the property manager or designated leasing agent. Exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

4. Income Verification - All applications must provide valid proof of Income. Income (or combined income, if more than one applicant) must meet a minimum of 3 times the monthly rental amount of the property. Proof of income can include most recent paystubs, previous year tax statement (required for self-employed) or letter of intent from a new employer.

5. Employment Verification - We must be able to verify your employment. Valid telephone numbers for employers must be provided.

6. Credit History - By submitting an application, you are giving Keller Williams Property Management permission to run a credit report with a local credit bureau. A credit report will be run on all applicants over the age of 18. All active accounts should be current. All information showing on the credit report is subject to verification, including previous address and place of employment. FICO scores must be 680 or higher.

*We do not accept portable screening* *All applicants will be subject to our screening process*

7. Rental History - Applicant must furnish the names and phone numbers of current landlords, and at least one previous landlord. Applicant must have good rental references unless applicant has just sold their home. Relatives are not acceptable as rental references.


Grounds for Denial will result from the following on all applicants:

*Verified eviction showing on credit report or confirmed with landlord.

*Rental collection to landlord

*Breaking lease agreement that will result in collection filing.

*Extreme negative and adverse rental history, e.g. documented complaints and/or damages, multiple late payments or 3-day notices to pay or vacate with statement by landlord of ‘Would Not Re-Rent’.

*Open bankruptcy

*Unverifiable Social Security Number.


Criminal Convictions - A criminal conviction of crimes of violence, crimes against persons, property crimes, crimes involving the possession, use, sale, and/or distribution of illegal drugs and/or crimes involving breach of trust may lead to denial. A criminal records search will be performed for felony and misdemeanor offenses. ALL felony and misdemeanor offenses must be disclosed on the rental application.


*We do not automatically exclude rental applicants based on criminal history. Any criminal history will be evaluated in consideration of when the crime occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed, and/or what the rental applicant has done since the conviction.*


OFAC - No applicant that is on the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons maintained by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") or otherwise subject to sanctions by OFAC shall be accepted.


Processing - Each application must be complete, signed, and fee paid before being processed. Additional applications will continue to be accepted until the approved applicant has signed the lease and paid the first months rent, prepaid last months rent and security deposit. A copy of any state or federal issued ID is required and will become part of the completed application, please deliver to agent.  Valid social security card must be delivered to agent.


Security Deposit - The security deposit amount varies from property to property and must be paid at the time of lease signing.


Condition - We believe we have a higher than normal standard in the preparation of our rental units, but our standards may or may not be equivalent to your standards. If you see something that you don’t like, or something that you would like added, please make your request during the application process, we will gladly present it to the property owner. If the property owner grants our request, the modification will be made prior to you taking occupancy or otherwise annotated on the rental agreement.


Approval and Lease Signing - Once you are approved, you will be notified by phone and we will schedule a lease-signing appointment. All applicants over the age of 18 must sign the rental agreement.